Supercell Partners With Burger King On Clash of Clans AR Promo

Clash of Clans may be old at this point in the scheme of things, but it’s still a big hit.

So much so, that Supercell has teamed up with Burger King in China for an Augmented Reality promo.

The details were posted by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter just a couple of days ago.Clash of Clans makes your food interactive

As part of the promotion players have the ability to use their Augmented Reality-powered smartphones to interact with their food.

At specific Burger King locations within the country, food orders are coming with place mats themed after the game. Players can then use their smartphones to turn those place mats into a battlefield, as described by Ahmad and shown in the Burger King ad.

Place mats even have special locations for you to sit down your burger and drink cup, with instructions on how to interact with the real-world items.

It’s not clear if this actually adds anything to the game or if it’s just a fun way to promote it using AR. It seems like the latter, though.Some stores are getting themed makeovers

As of right now there are two Burger King stores in Shanghai that have gotten themed makeovers as part of the promo.

Parts of each store have designs influenced by the game, complete with castle entry ways above the restaurant entrance and large displays inside.

There appears to be an interactive room inside the restaurant as well.Using AR to promote games is becoming more mainstream

In addition to the Clash of Clans promotion in general, Ahmad mentions that AR is being used more often to promote games.

Brands like IKEA clash of clans hack and Home Depot have used AR to promote their businesses. Allowing consumers to see how things look inside their home. Considering this, it’s not too surprising to see game studios using the same tech to drum up increased engagement for their games.

Games are inherently fun. That’s their whole purpose. Augmented Reality is also fun to use, so naturally the two go hand-in-hand. The partnership does seem to be limited to China. It’s always possible however that Supercell could bring the same experience elsewhere.

Burger King and Supercell are running a Clash of Clans Augmented Reality promotion across stores in China.

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