BitTorrent is a Remarkably Powerful Tool if you’re Willing

Avoid Dead Torrents

BitTorrent allows you to download files faster and more efficiently than a direct connection to a server—as long as there’s a big enough swarm sharing the file. If a torrent only has a couple seeders, you’ll probably download the file very slowly, and if there aren’t any seeders, you won’t be able to get the file at all. When you download the torrent, make sure you download a recent one that has a lot of seeders to ensure the best speeds (many sites will list the number of seeders on the torrent’s download page).Make Sure You’re Open to Connections These days, most torrent clients are set up optimally out of the box—they create a Windows firewall rule for themselves, and use UPnP or NAT-PMP to automatically open a port so that seeders can send you their pieces of the file. If a program has a lot of seeders and the file isn’t downloading, though, you may need to manually forward a port on your router, or go through other troubleshooting steps to ensure you’re connectable to peers in the swarm.Follow BitTorrent Etiquette

While this isn’t crucial to success, it’s generally considered nice to pay it forward and seed files after you download them, allowing others the opportunity to download the data themselves. After all, if there were no seeders, BitTorrent wouldn’t work very well, and we’d all be stuck downloading files at a snail’s pace. If you can’t seed the file forever, at least seed it until you’ve shared as much as you’ve downloaded (also known as having a 1:1 “ratio”) before deleting the torrent from your client.

There’s even more we could delve into here, as BitTorrent is a remarkably powerful tool if you’re willing to dig into your client’s settings. But for most beginners, this should get you started, keep you safe, and allow you to avoid the dreaded “slow download server” as much as possible.

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